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We provide help and software solutions to Windows and Mac OS users!

There are few popular operating systems out there, CompTech support both Windows and Mac. Whether it is a Windows upgrade you are after, installing the newest OS for MAC or update the software on either systems. We can help you with that.

We use special clean up tools that can free up space on your Windows machine as well as on your MAC. Which will result in a faster system and more space for your files. There are startup programs that take up memory on your system, slowing it down. We recognize which ones are necessary and disable the others, freeing up more memory for your computer.

If you are upgrading your system and want to transfer all your files and settings from the old computer to your newly purchased computer, we can help you migrate all files and data. The process is simple, we backup your old machine's files and restore it to the new system. So you will not have to transfer your data file by file.

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