Is your wired or wireless network performance slow?
We set up, repair and provide solutions for a stable network in your home or office!

As more devices require internet connection, home networks become more sophisticated. Networks have to accommodate the need of almost everything to be connected online. Whether it is a simple set up of just one single router, or complex networks of multiple routers, hubs and switches throughout the house, connected with powerlines and wireless extenders. Call us for solutions to your network needs including repairs, setups, network printer installations and more.

Sometimes having only one router in your home is not enough. As more devices need to connect to your WiFi network, the speed and range is not always covered. We use powerlines to extend your home network, which gives you a reliable wired connection that can reach almost anywhere in your home.

You may experience downtime often in your small office network, and that can be very frustrating.  Your set up may not be capable of handeling the load of your devices as a result of poor planning. We can provide possible solutions and make sure your network is stable at all times.

We assess the functionality and requirements of your existing network, then provide suggestions as to what can improve your speed and connectivity.

Let us find solutions to your network repair needs!

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