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Contact us for solutions to your computer needs. You can call, chat, e-mail or create a ticket in our Client Portal


Once a support request is created we will assess and advise whether remote support session, or a visit to your location is required.


We will provide updates with every step of the way via e-mail, keeping you informed from diagnosing to repairing.


We will make sure your repaired computer or laptop is returned safely, and more importantly, problem free.


Windows Support

Solving any of your Windows software issues for your desktop PC or laptop, from configuring to upgrading.

Printer Support

We can help you configure and connect your wired or wireless printer to your existing network.

Mac / Apple Support

Let us help you with any of your Mac requirements, upgrading, tweaking, or full system clean ups.

Networking Support

Let us design and configure your home or office network, choosing the right equipment for your needs.

System Upgrades

We can boost up your PC or laptop speeds by performing system clean up and/or upgrading internal components.

Virus Removal and Errors

We can remove and fix your computer if it is infected with viruses, malware or has any other hardware or software system error.

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Before sending your computer for repair you should back up your data or put important files in the cloud, that way you'll have access to them while the computer is being repaired as well as restoring those files later on your repaired computer. You should also remove the password protection and make your PC accessible for us to login.
The first component you should consider upgrading is the RAM computer memory. You should also consider upgrading your hard drive to a Solid State Drive or Solid State Hybrid, which provides faster processing of your operating system and files. Graphic cards upgrades can also provide an improvement for faster HD video viewing and 3D gaming.
Home networks or small networks are present at almost every home, as more devices need to be connected online and sharing between computers is essential for backups and media sharing. Some components to consider are wired or wireless routers, any NAS (Network-attached storage) devices, wireless extenders to extend the wireless range, and powerlines, which will help expanding your home network.
Keeping your computer clean require dedication, using the clean up utility regularly will assure unnecessary files are not slowing down your computer, frequent virus and malware scans so there will not be any malicious files on your system, and up to date antivirus will make sure it is ready for new threats.
First, you will need a domain name and hosting. Your domain name is the name of your site or your url (www.yourwebsite.com). In order for your website to appear on the Internet, the files need to be uploaded to a server, which will be hosted at a hosting company. The next step is to design your website, but don't worry, CompTech will help you.
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